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Cold & Flu Kit
Remedies: Phos, Kali-B, Bryonia, Eup-P, Aconite, Belladonna, Gelsemium, Ars.

Indications: Sudden high fevers, shock from fright, sore throat, prophylactic Flu remedy, Montezuma Revenge, food poisoning, headaches, whiplash, hearing bad news/anticipation anxiety; fear of dentist, sinus congestion, struck by lightning, bleeding, protection from anaestecia, nosebleeds

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Emergency Kit #1
Remedies: Arnica, Apis, Calendula, Cantharis, Ignatia, Ledum, Nux-V and Rhus-Tox

Indications: sports trauma; blunt trauma with bruises, bee stings (and other insect bites); hives, cuts and abrasions, to heal skin, second degree burns and cystitis, acute grief, puncture wounds, hangovers, gastric conditions, strains & pains, poison ivy, stiff lower back pain

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Emergency Kit #2
Remedies: Arg-Nit, Bellis-P, Carbo-Veg, Cocculus, Hypericum, Pulsatilla, Ruta and Urtica-Urens

Indications: fear of flying & anticipation anxiety, tennis elbow, lack of oxygen, asthma attacks, motion sickness/jet lag, nerve ending pain/slipped discs, ear infections, first degree burns

$79 + shipping
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A Guide to Healthy Hormones:
SECRETS to Breast Health

By Cindy Simmons

A Guide to Healthy Hormones – Secrets to Breast Health is a “must read” for women interested in improving their breast and hormone health naturally. It is meant to EMPOWER women with education and tools to take control of their life and health.

Kindle Edition: FREE

Paperback: $15.22

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Young Living Essential Oils

From everyone' Favorite Lavender, choose Lemon, Peppermint, Frankincense, Chamomile, Orange to Oil Blends like THIEVES, M-Grain, PanAway, Peace & Calming and Purification


eg ICP helps gently cleanse your digestive system; Comfort cleanse for your colon; JUVA Cleanse


Keep healthy with all-natural supplements from Young Living Like Super C, Super B and Super D, ImmuPro Tablets< KidScentrs Multi & enzymes< OmegaGize

Hormones & Thyroid

Oils for PMS, Progessence plus, Endoflex, Thyromin, Ultr Young Spray and Murtle Oil (for Thyroid) .


Pet Care helps alleviate pets’ nervousness and support feelings.Also Inner Balance to relax; Pet Fresh treats scrapes & scratches. Pet Renew for the skin; Animal Scents Shampoo