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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

The Role of Hormones in Breast Health

Hormone Health = Breast Health

According to the National Cancer Institute, 90-95 % of breast cancers are lifestyle related.

Hormonal Health is key in breast health and in overall health. Many women only find that out when they are diagnosed with breast cancer, at which point their tissue is tested for hormone levels. Eighty-Five percent (85%) of diagnosed breast cancers are estrogen dominant: 85%!

The reason your hormones are tested at the time of cancer is that the medical system now has a drug (like Tamoxifen) they can prescribe.

Why do they not test for hormones earlier in life, you ask? Well, preventatively speaking, they have no measures or drugs for the management of hormones. Now, however, more and more trained medical doctors specialize in the testing of hormones and use of bio-identical hormones.

Intuitively, many women realize how much hormones control their lives. From young teens, you experience the effects of hormones in sexual development, resulting in bodily changes. Most women understand hormones have something to do with teenage mood swings and menstrual symptoms. And you realize hormonal influences again going into pregnancy and menopause. Hormones control us from beginning to end, it seems. Therefore, breast health = hormone health, and vice versa.

When a woman’s (and teenagers!!) hormones are in proper balance, she feels great and has none of the symptoms she takes for granted during her menstrual cycles and in menopause.


As mentioned before, 85% of breast cancers are diagnosed as estrogen dominant. What does this mean?

In many cases, it means either too much estrogen (mostly estradiol) in your body or too little progesterone. Estrogen and progesterone work as a team and, therefore, the quotient percentage between them is very important to know and understand.

Estrogen dominance puts a woman at greater risk for breast cancer, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, low sex drive, and ovarian cysts.

What is wrong with us, you ask, where so many women have too much estrogen in their body? Is it just your body malfunctioning, and if so, why? Many environmental factors influence and affect your hormones (hormone mimickers), such as cosmetics, plastics, water, dairy products, red meat, chicken, and pesticides. Synthetic estrogens found in birth control pills and fertility drugs contribute to estrogen overload.

I suggest working with a N.D (Naturopathic Doctor) trained and experienced in Hormones / Women's Health or a M.D. trained and specialized in Hormones Naturally (there are not many). Ask to do the D.U.T.C.H. urine spot test and find out where your "sexy hormones" are at and then create a treatment plan

Breast Thermography is also a tool which can show Estrogen dominance patterns in your breast. Remember, Prevention is the Cure!!

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