Thermography & Breast Health

Monday, February 22, 2021

Medical Breast Thermography is an FDA-approved (as an adjunct modality) assessment tool that is simple, painless, and uses no radiation.

When Thermography is added to a multi-modal approach of breast exams, namely self-examination, examination by a doctor, and structural testing, 95% of early stage cancers can be detected.

Medical Breast Thermography

What’s more is that thermography is an early risk assessment of breast health.

Breast thermography measures infrared radiation, in other words the heat or inflammation, which is constantly radiating, or emitting, away from the surface of the human skin. The infrared images show subtle temperature changes in the breast tissue.

Blood supply, or vascularity, appears hyperthermic, or hot, and is depicted in thermographic images as red or white in color. Hypothermic, or cold, areas are depicted as darker, cooler colors in thermographic images. Normal breast tissue is displayed in varying shades. It's about SYMMETRY.

Thermography is the most reliable form of early assessment. Though it is not often used in the medical field, it is becoming more readily available. Thermography has 90% sensitivity for both false positive and false negative readings.

Thermography is painless and offers a view of the entire chest and underarm area. Nearly 50% of tumors are found in the upper chest or underarm areas - areas that mammograms don’t cover.

Furthermore, thermography is an objective method to evaluate if therapies or lifestyle changes are actually working to reduce risk. For example, many women today use bio-identical hormones, which can be very beneficial. However, not all women react the same way to these treatments and thermography provides a way of measuring the results of treatment.

Thermography is a safe and effective exam for indicating:

· Inflammatory breast cancer

· Hormonal influence on the breast tissue

· Fibrocystic activity or conditions

· Thyroid-related conditions

· Monitoring of hormone replacement therapy

· Undetected dental inflammation and TMJ issues

· Vascular disease

The chart below describes the growth rate of cancer cells, indicating the early stage that thermography picks up signs of risk compared to when a mammogram detects a lump:

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