Pet Health

The health of our pets is often a large concern for pet owners when it comes to vet visits and bills. Improving OUR lifestyle and environment may help in improving the health of our pets.

“To err is human — to forgive, canine.” – Author Unknown

Holistic pet care means to take a more “natural” and “common sense” approach to your pet's health care while taking into account the whole animal, as in the mind, body, and spirit.

As a Homeopath I was introduced at Homeopathic College to Holistic Pet Health and I have found many people will choose natural approaches for their pet more passionately than for themselves.


I learned about especially their FOOD and experienced first hand with my Jack Russell Terrier Tessa who had seemed bored with the same food everyday that variety and added vegetables, eggs, rice barley got her excited again about eating. I also learned that its worth investing in a good Organic Natural brand of dog and cat food. Keeping out pets healthy this way, lowers our vet bills so well worth it.

I often use first Homeopathy for acute ailments and also learned that Young Living Essential oils has various OILS for pet health including eg PET CARE & INNER BALANCE(for emotional health), ANIMAL SCENTS shampoo and PET FRESH to help support healthy recovery of irritated coat and skin, while guarding against harmful contaminants.

With Homeopathy i have helped dogs, cats, horses and yes, even a parrot.


Keeping your pet's teeth and gums healthy requires a commitment on your part. Special "tartar control" diets or treats are not enough. Bacteria are always present in the mouth, and within hours of a professional cleaning, they are already hard at work creating plaque, a sticky deposit on the teeth. In just 24 hours, the plaque starts to harden into tartar (calculus). Daily tooth brushing and regular veterinary checkups are essential. Your vet can help you choose products and give you instructions on how to brush, along with tips for getting pets to accept the treatment. If possible find a Holistic Vet. One Vet you can follow on-line works with Dr. Mercola. Her name is Karen Becker.

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