My Cancer Journey - CEA's and NED's

May 7, 2021

HURRAY for me :)

My CEA cancer marked dropped and is now in "normal" range...... Let me explain

So GREAT NEWS. Since I started with Hoxsey Biomedical Centre they started having me take the CEA cancer/tumor marker test which remained steady around 5.2. Every 6 months we review my case and adjust treatment as necessary. This was the week and I did all my bloodwork, plus CEA, Vit. D, Zinc, B12 and all were great!! Just still a bit anaemic so am doubling my daily doses of Floradix. But then the AWESOME news is that my CEA now is 2.8!! I am sooo excited and encouraged. This does not mean I no longer have cancer but indicates the tumor is less active which is great news. Hoxsey is a 2 to 5 year program (and maintenance for life) and this is exactly my 2 year mark (May) and over 3 years since I was diagnosed.

Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) describes a set of highly related glycoproteins

involved in cell adhesion. CEA is normally produced in gastrointestinal tissue during fetal development, but the production stops before birth. Consequently, CEA is usually present at very low levels in the blood of healthy adults. Wikipedia

The normal range is 0 to 2.5 ng/mL (0 to 2.5 µg/L).

In smokers, slightly higher values may be considered normal (0 to 5 ng/mL, or 0 to 5 µg/L).

My Mexican Doctor is very pleased as well with all my results but specifically with the CEA. For me it tells me I am doing the right thing. So I continue :)

I also take a Herbal formula which include: Curcumin, Red Clover, Chaparral, Pau d'Arco, Cascara Sagrada, Sarsaparrilla.

Besides that I take Floradix, Vit D + K2, Vit C + Zinc, and B12 and a herbal capsule for colon cancer. Plus a combo of turmeric, bowelia, black perrer. Its quite a bit daily but I am used to it. Besides all that I eat 80% vegetarian with a bit of organic chicken or sometimes salmon. 90% of what I consume is Organic and I stay away from white sugar and careful of nasty sugar substitutes. I have started to put on some weight which is good too.

The goal in all this is to be considered NED which stands for No Evidence of Disease. It's similar to being in Remission.

The term no evidence of disease (NED) is often used with cancer when there is no physical evidence of the disease on examination or imaging tests after treatment. No evidence of disease means the same thing as complete remission or complete response. It does not, however, mean that a cancer is cured, neither does Remission mean a cancer is cured.

What can I say. :) I feel hopeful and encouraged, it's been a long and sometimes scary road. It's not over. My Mexican treatment is not cheap. This week's re-order is $1700 USD. A few years ago my oldest son started a Go Fund Me and many people were kind and helped out. This was the last of that money so anyone feels so inclined, I will gratefully accept donations as I still have to continue the next few years at about $3000 USD a year.

So onwards and upwards. I am also a volunteer with HealingStrong. Check out their website at It's non-for-profit and their mission is to connect, support and educate individuals facing cancer and other diseases with evidence-based non-toxic therapies to help them Heal Strong. I soon will start the first of 12 monthly FREE group meets via Zoom so let me know if YOU are interested to join.

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