My Cancer Journey

Monday February 22, 2021

After a nasty shock and divorce in 2014, I had to move back to Canada from the Bahamas where my ex and I were building a house together. I had invested everything I had and then he cheated on me and convinced me to leave. The shock and trauma after nearly 20 years together was HUGE.

First my daughter starts have Epilepsy within 6 months of leaving; 3 years later I am diagnosed with Anal Cancer (from an HPV 16 strain) and I KNEW exactly what I was manifesting and why.

Louise Hay came to mind right-a-way. After going to a heartless oncologist who cursed me out about my "silly questions" and telling me I would die in 3 months if I did not do what he recommended, crying about it all, I remember the day I was driving from the Hospital and the thought came "CINDY!! you KNOW how to handle this.

That day I decided to do it MY WAY. No chemo or radiation. Surgery was not possible because the tumor was/is embedded in the sphincter muscle. My internal voice told me I would certainly die from Chemo within 3 months. So i started my new approach and research (I am a HUGE researcher).

In the end I followed advise from a consultation with Brian Clements from the Hippocrates Centre and also from reading and working with the Chris Wark Program.

Adding Vit. C IV (8 series and still doing 1 x per month) etc. I planned all this time (just over two years) to "one day" share my experience and help others. However, my tumor is still active and i am now for the last year working with my team at the Hoxsey Biomedical Centre in Mexico. (love, love, love them), and will continue that route but feel strongly I now have to start sharing my story. Feel free to ask me questions or if you feel strongly, I can coach and help you with YOUR journey.

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